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Terms & Conditions Continued

Liability: We do not carry workers comp insurance.

Architectural installations: Client understands the process of installing window film involves repetitive spraying of water and wiping surrounding areas with towels while window frames are wet.  Sometimes in homes or business, paint may bubble or peel.  This is acceptable and understood by Client prior to installation.  MI Tint Co. or its affiliates will not be held liable or responsible for damage to client’s property during or due to installation of window films. Some windows may have glue, silicone or caulking at the edges of the glass opening from the glass framing being attached to the window during glass manufacturing or building custom glass or homeowners sealing gaps to reduce air leaks.  Client agrees to allow MI Tint Co. to trim the excess glue, silicone or caulk around the edges of the window frame on the glass to allow a clean and professional install of window films.  MI Tint Co. will not be responsible for seal failures, leaks, or other damages uncured by such modifications.  Some paints can become stained from water dripping down from windows during installation/preparation.  Although our solution is only a mix of sink water and baby shampoo, most common paint that becomes stained is matte paint as it is very dry and rough which makes it porous and allows water to be embedded in its color.  Wood frame windows are usually the hardest to maintain quality installs.  Wood frame windows contain paint, veneer, wood chips, and absorb much dirt.  As window film installation involves water, much of the dirt absorbed inside the window frames becomes loose and drips into the window opening.  MI Tint Co. cannot control water absorption or the mix with dirt.  MI Tint Co. will always do its best to clean out as much dirt as physically possible to reduce the introduction of dirt from wood frame windows window film installation.  Client understands and accepts that wood frame windows window film installation may have dirt spots around the edges of the glass openings.  Drapes, blinds and other window coverings may have risk of damage due to installation. MI Tint Co. is not responsible for damage. MI Tint Co. recommends Client to remove Drapes, Blinds, or other window coverings prior to installation.  MI Tint Co. may offer to remove and reinstall Drapes, Blinds or other window coverings for an additional fee.  MI Tint Co. is not responsible for damage to Client’s furniture that may be moved by installers due to the obstruction of any installation work area.  MI Tint Co. recommends Client to confirm all types of furniture are at least 3 feet away from windows scheduled to apply window film.  MI Tint Co. may offer to move and replace to close original proximity Client’s furniture for an additional fee.  MI Tint Co. is not responsible for damage to drapes, blinds, other window coverings, or furniture during removing, replacing or moving Clients fixtures or personal property whether hired to do so or not hired. MI Tint Co. will use drop clothes around the work area to collect dirt or dust that may drop from cleaning windows. These drop clothes minimize mess in the home or business after work is complete.  Very minimal dirt or dust may be left behind for client to sweep or vacuum.  MI Tint Co. may beat the drop clothes periodically throughout the job outdoors in the client’s yard, street or parking lot to also minimize carrying dirt from room to room at the work site.  It is client’s responsibility to clean up remaining dirt or dust.  MI Tint Co. may be hired to sweep or vacuum for an additional fee.
Architectural Exterior Applications:  Exterior applications are limited to a 2-year warranty.  Due to the risk of weather conditions such as direct sun, wind, rain, snow, ice, tree brushings and other unknown act of God throughout the year affecting the raw material directly.  These installations are weather permitting and can only be installed on dry days, no snow or rain and in temperatures above 50 degrees to allow water to dry and maintain a comfortable environment for the installer.  Extra fees are applied to these installations as consideration for unexpected weather changes that may result in rescheduling appointments. 
Automotive Installations: Client understands that MI Tint Co. automotive installations are unique compared to the market.  MI Tint Co. removes part or complete door panels to ensure a clean window film installation.  Some back windows or rear vent windows have defrost or antenna connectors and we may unplug connections to these connectors to perform proper window film cuts.  Client understands some vehicles may have fragile connectors that may fall off or break off of the back glass at no fault to MI Tint Co.’s installers. Clients agrees when hiring MI Tint Co. for window tinting services, to perform such practices and holds MI Tint Co. harmless to any damage to Client’s vehicle as older or new vehicles may be fragile unknowingly to installer.  Client understands that window tinting services conducted by MI Tint Co. is a practice as new innovations continue.

Client agrees when hiring MI Tint Co. for any window tinting service, to Binding Arbitration. Any disputes and judgement upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in a court having jurisdiction thereof and the parties agree to be bound by any such decision rendered.
MI Tint Co. has a combined experience in window tinting of over 35 years.  If We admit to any damage, We will take responsibility.

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