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Net 30 Terms & Conditions

Net 30 Terms:

The agreement accepted for Net 30 allows the client to pay the invoice within 30 days of completion at no charge. After 30 days the unpaid balance is subject to 10% per 30 days on the balance due and plus 15% per month Admin fee. The Admin fee covers Vendor costs such as: calculating the late fees, submitting updated invoices, postage fees, and other processing fees that may vary. Past due balances over 90 days agree to placement of liens, process of litigation in a competent judicial court system in Macomb County MIchigan on the serviced property by MI Tint Co. or its affiliates including MIchigan Tint Co. or Solar Protection Solutions. The client agrees to be responsible to pay for the unpaid balances and any court or attorney’s fees incurred by Vendor in the attempt to collect unpaid balances by process of litigation. 
All invoices should be mailed to 32515 Mound Rd., Warren, MI 48092

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