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If you’re of a certain age, you can probably recall wallpaper that donned the living room, family room, and other areas of your childhood home during the 70s, 80s, and maybe even the 90s. They were also pretty big in the 50s and 60s. Wallpaper of varying designs, colors, and patterns were trending during these times as most homeowners found them more appealing than run-of-the-mill, boring painted walls. Fast-forward a few decades, and it seems these fancy wall coverings are making a comeback. And this is not a baseless conjectural statement; several studies show homeowners and interior designers alike are researching various patterns, colors, and designs and are buying them up as fast as manufacturers and local retailers can put them up for sale. One study revealed online searches for wall paper increased by more than 41% between 2019 and 2020.

Interior Designers and Homeowners Discuss Why Wallpaper for Walls Is the New Trend for 2023 and Beyond

Today it’s not what they were 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years ago. They are no longer uninspired rolls of bland wall coverings. Available now in bolder colors, textures, and designs, yesterday’s wall paper has been re-imagined, according to an article published by the monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue. The popular publication notes that Gucci, a well-regarded luxury brand, and Cabana, a relatively new manufacturer and purveyor of custom-made luxury wallpaper for residential and contract projects, are shaking things up in the wall covering space. Essentially, both manufacturers are thinking beyond muted colors a with photos of people or places that don’t resonate or in any way appeal to modern-day homeowners. To that end, in 2023, these manufacturers and many others are bringing to market the following:

1.A Closer Look at some of the Most In-demand Wallpapers of 2023  

To appreciate why wallpaper mentioned in this article have struck a chord with interior designers and homeowners, it helps to look at a few of them individually:

2.Black Wallpaper

Black wallpaper is an excellent choice for homeowners wanting to create a hybrid minimalist and intimate environment in specific rooms of their homes. To that point, black wallpaper tend to look best in homes with a contemporary design. It is worth noting, however, that black wallpaper doesn’t have to be all black. Studies show many homeowners don’t necessarily want all-black wallpaper; they want black wallpaper with ultra-thin geometric shapes, small floral prints, and other patterns that help make them a little more interesting.

3.White Wallpaper

Many homeowners gravitate toward white wallpaper for the same reason many gravitate toward black wallpaper; they want a minimalist look that doesn’t include white-painted walls. White wallpaper is the perfect middle ground since it helps add depth and range to just about any room and contributes the minimalist look that many homeowners want. Long story short, you definitely can’t go wrong with white wallpaper if you’re looking for a minimalist, understated, goes-with-everything wallpaper for walls in your home.

4.The Wallpaper Photo Aesthetic

Nothing says art deco quite like having photos on wall paper. That said, the wallpaper photo aesthetic that was all the rage in the 1960s is making quite the comeback, according to the same article published by Vogue. For those unaware, the wallpaper photo aesthetic became a thing when John F. Kennedy was president of the United States. So that everyone is on the same page, this type of wall paper is riddled with photos of household objects, landscapes, cityscapes, or architecture mixed with geometric shapes and vibrant colors. The first time most Americans saw this type of wallpaper was when they saw first lady Jackie Kennedy’s Zuber wallpaper of the Boston Harbor hanging in the White House in the 1960s. And a 60-some-odd year later, this aesthetic is making a comeback.

5.Coastal and Tropical Designs

Not everyone has the financial means to live in a home along the coast where they can wake up to the sight and sound of waves gently crashing against the shore. For those not-so-well-heeled individuals, having wallpaper with fun, quirky coastal designs in their homes is the next best thing. These ocean-inspired and very cool wallpaper wall coverings comprise lighter tones, such as shades of blue, green, beige, and white, and they each do a terrific job of evoking feelings of calmness and relaxation. Since we are on the topic, many homeowners and interior designers choose wallpaper that have a tropical design for the same reasons.

6.Bold Floral Designs

Many homeowners who are fans of nature-inspired themes when it comes to interior design are picking up wallpaper with bold floral prints to transform the living room, family room, bedroom, and other rooms in their homes. According to most interior designers, these bold, flowery wall coverings are a must-have for homeowners who like vintage-looking wall coverings. Most homeowners who buy these wallpaper are the ones who can remember them covering the walls in their rural childhood homes where living rooms were to be looked upon but never actually used. And this was in addition to sofas, loveseats, and curtains boasting the same bold floral design.

7.Christmas Wallpaper

While it might be hard to believe, some people like to keep the Christmas theme going long after the holiday season has come and gone. And these are the same ones who are more than happy to spend their hard-earned dollars on Christmas-themed wallpaper. These year-round Christmas-themed wallpaper generally comprises one or more of the following:

New Year wallpaper is as big a deal for some homeowners as Christmas wallpaper. Most say they especially like the fireworks, holiday-themed streamers, and ribbons on them; they also say that very fondness is the very thing that influenced their decision to have these colorful and cheerful wall coverings permanently affixed to their walls. And this is especially the case among homeowners who have spent any length of time scouring the internet using various keywords to find wallpaper that would work best for their home. 

8. Anime wallpaper

Anime wallpaper is hardly main stream, but for those who consider themselves fans of Japanese animation, these wallpaper are an absolute must. Along with reminding them of their favorite anime characters, anime wallpaper has unique, vibrant, and punchy colors that allow them to stand out from traditional wallpaper.
In summary, if you are a homeowner thinking about transforming the interior of your home, any of the wallpaper detailed in this article can help you do just that. Further, you will be in good company if you purchase and have any of these beautiful wallpaper professionally applied to the walls in your home. Since the start of 2023, there has been a surge in the number of people using “best-selling wallpaper,” “wallpaper HD download,” “wallpaper stores near me,” and similar keywords to help them find everything from minimalists to holiday-themed wallpaper for their home.
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