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Fully Customizable Car Window Tinting

Window tinting for cars is a film that controls protection for the driver and passengers all while adding comfort and dramatic appealing aesthetics to the vehicle. While most people add tint to their vehicles because it gives them an extraordinary and breathtaking look, they are also increasing their privacy and decreasing damage done to the interior of the car.

Our company has worked on many different vehicles that range from lower end to high end, all because of our products and professionalism are the best in the area. There are other reasons that you may have been seeking car window tinting near me, such as safety to help reduce any hotspots and glares as you’re driving, obtaining a balanced climate, extending your vehicles HVAC life, improving the overall comfort within the vehicle, and decreasing potential theft opportunities for onlookers through any tint windows.

No matter what your reason may be to seeking out car tinting windows, we offer you benefits that go beyond your needs and build up your satisfaction.

In addition to adding attributes to your vehicle with a magnificent technology of window filming, during the hot summer days when you climb into your car, you won’t have to feel like you’re stepping into a sauna because of the capabilities that the window tint provides.

Please note that before you get your tint done on your vehicle that you will be informed of the state requirements for the levels and percentages of the window tint as each state has its requirements and regulations for depth darkness on film. So, if you are going out of state you may need to crack the window or inquire what the level is to be prepared if you are looking to get a darker film to apply to your vehicle.

Our company offers an industry-leading product that controls the climate in the car and can reduce temperatures up to 63% before you even turn on the ignition. Also, on a side note, because you are looking for being cooler and staying comfortable in your ride, there are different types of varieties of tint that are available to meet your specific needs based on colors and shades to give you the ultimate look and feel that you desire. Therefore, conduct is now so you can look as cool as you feel and obtain that window tint for your car now, your car will thank you for it as well.

Why You Should Choose Us First

Overall, Window Tinting Troy MI service has historic and remarkable tinting products available for you in the area that are accessible now. At Window Tinting Sterling Heights MI, we can astonish and satisfy your needs regardless if it is for commercial, residential, vehicle or other surfaces that need extra layer protection. We have various types of tints such as RV Window tint – Security window film – Stratos window tint – Ceramic window tint – Precut window tint – Vista Commercial tinting, all that can meet your needs or your tinting specifications.

1. Details

Since our founding of the company, we have worked with numerous different types of clienteles throughout the area. There is no project that was too large for our team to handle and our service begins and ends fantastically with our friend the professionals who care about each client and project. We ensure each client that all projects are done on a scheduled basis so we can go above and beyond satisfaction for each of our clients to build lasting and lifelong relationships.

You should choose us first when seeking out your tinting needs, as we will come to your rescue and cater to you with the highest products and quality and professionalism that you’ve ever seen in the area. We are dedicated to delivering eminent services with the capabilities of offering an entire lineup of films that meet your expectations, heat reductions, privacy, security, and decorative needs. Our company is committed to providing quality products and creative implements with thoughts ideas and skills to each project that is customizable for you and your needs.

If you have recently been looking for window tinting near me for the best window tint prices, you have navigated to the correct company in your area that is regarded in superiority and excellence services and professionalism. We are accustomed to handling storefronts, exteriors of a commercial business, small vehicles, large vehicles like RVs or trucks, and a wide range of residential homes; therefore, there is nothing that will stop us from delivering you the best-valued tinting services in your area today.

4. We Serve Your Area

Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our specialists to get your business home or car set up with a product film that protects your skin, belongings and stops potential events all with one simple and affordable service now.
​There’s good news if you’re looking for window tinting locations in the Sterling Heights, MI area. MI Tint Co. is conveniently located on Mound Rd. Our shop makes it easy to have someone professionally tint your vehicle, home or business if you’re located in Sterling Heights, MI or any of the following communities:

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